[POLL] Do you call it FALL or Autumn?

Autumn/Fall officially doesn’t start until September 22nd but for most of Canada, Autumn/Fall (and in some cases winter!) has already arrived.

So let’s settle the age old debate. FALL or AUTUMN? What do you call it? “Autumn” came to English via the Old French “autompne”, meaning autumn. This in turn came from the Latin “autumnus”, also meaning “autumn”. From here things get murky, but it’s thought “autumnus” probably came from an Etruscan word and is possibly related to the Latin “augere” meaning “to increase”.

Like harvest, fall is found in Old English, from Germanic roots, and its sense largely stayed the same. Fall was common in England until about the end of the 1600s, when it was ousted by autumn.

Do you call it FALL or AUTUMN?

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